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The San Gwann Scout Group was started through the efforts of Fr. Leopoldo Tabone, San Gwann Parish Priest, who managed to get the assistance of the Sliema Scout Group’s leaders, including Harry Gatt, Albert Wain and Brian Ferando.

The first meeting place for the San Gwann Scout Group was in the San Gwann Parish Church Friar’s Convent where in 1969, 11 scouts used to meet. As the group grew, a different premises in Mensija Street was used. The group was then organised into two sections, namely the Cub Pack section (lead by Albert Wain and Brian Ferando) and the Scout Troop section (lead by Harry Gatt). The first Group Scout Leader was Fr. Angelo Vansell.

In the early days of the group, the group members used to join the Sliema Scout Group for scouting activities and meetings to learn from their experience and skills. In fact in recognition of this the colours chosen for the group scarf, were red with a grey border, the Red reflected the Sliema scarf and the Grey border was chosen by the Fr. Leopoldo Tabone. The Group was invested in March 1970.

Other important dates (Also look at the Historical Docs and Photos Section)

In 1971 the Group moved its HQ to the San Gwann Primary school, and the Venture Unit was formed, having as its first Venture Scout Leader Mr. Joseph Grixti.

In 1972 the Group band was formed under the leadership of Mr. Francis Caruana, its first Drum Major.

A big benefactor during this period who needs to be remembered  is Mr. Jack Dimech, who assisted the Group both financially and in other ways.

In 1980, the San Gwann Scout Group was stopped from using the premises within the Primary school and they moved again to the San Gwann Parish Church Friar’s Convent until two garages near Alpine House in San Gwann were found. However these premises were only used for two months, following which the Group HQ was again moved to rented premises in Misrah Lewza.

In 2014, the Group managed to secure its current premises at the limits of San Gwann (Opposite Savemart) from the Lands Department at a yearly fee. 

Group Scout Leaders since the Group formation

Fr. Angelo Vansell

Mr. Joe Camenzuli

Mr. France Caruana

Mr. Vince Tanti

Mr. Joe Cardona

Mr. Gejtu Borg

Mr. Adrian Borg (1995 – 2007)

Mr. Charles Bajada (2007 – 2008)

Mr. Elvio Briffa (2008 – 2010)

Mr. Charles Bajada (2010 – 2014)

Mr. Mark Sultana (2014- 2015)

Mrs. Moira Vassallo (2015 – 2017)

Mr. Charles Bajada (2017 – current)

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